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Wash & Wax

Sedans $170 / SUVs Lrg trucks $200

Over time your vehicle accumulates contaminants that will begin to damage the paint if not taken care of. Have you ever seen cars where the paint seems to be fading? Usually the trunk, hood, and roof are the most common places you’ll see this.  This is due to the bonded contaminants that eat away the clear coat and the harmful UV rays of the sun accelerate this damage. These contaminants that give your vehicles paint a rough feel can’t be removed with a wash, a clay bar is used to safely lift the bonded contaminants leaving a smooth to the touch surface followed by a premium carnauba wax protecting the paint from both the UV rays of the sun and the bonded contaminants that settle on the paint. This service is recommended every three months or a minimum of two times a year to keep your paint shining and protected. 

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