The paint job on my moms car was really starting to deteriorate due to her always going to those drive thru car washes, I contacted Manny about a paint correction and booked my appointment. His prices are more than reasonable, but most importantly the work he did was great! He removed most of the swirls to leave the cars paint looking super glossy and the mirror reflection is unreal. I was really impressed with the great work, I would definitely recommend Manny to everyone! He not only comes to you so its convenient, he preserves your cars paint job by washing it the right way unlike car washes that really only serve to scratch your cars paint and all because it’s “cheap” well for sure you can tell apart the vehicles that go to those “cheap” washes, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Thanks Manny for bringing my moms car back to life.

- Hazel T.

Thanks Manny For Always Keeping My Car Fresh And Looking Brand New Inside And Out . You’re The Best

- Catalina M.

Manny always takes care of my cars with so much care and professionalism. Always delivers a truly exceptional service . Have been using him for years now definitely noticed the difference between taking my car to the local car wash . The attention to detail the vacuuming the brushing, all these things that the person at the car wash who just rubs your car dry with a pat dry and no love . He even makes sure that he get the water that stays between the cracks and no water streaks after !!! And the most accommodating that’s important with my lifestyle and work . Thank you Manny your awesome !!!!

- Alex F.

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