Paint Enhancement+Paint Protection

Sedans $300-$350/ SUVs Lrg trucks $400+ (price varies on condition of vehicle)

This detail package includes everything in our mini detail plus a one-step polish that removes 70-80% of light scratches and swirls as well as oxidation revealing a ridiculous high shine that is sure to make people take a second look wondering if you purchased a new car. If you’ve ever cleaned your vehicle and stare at it in direct sunlight I’m sure you see the swirls and scratches that kill the overall look of the car. These light scratches you see are caused by improper washing and drying and can only be removed by machine polish. Once the polishing stage is completed we add a sealant to protect the paint and lock in the shine.  This detail is recommended once a year. Results will vary depending on the condition of the vehicle.

Full Interior Detail starting at $250 (price varies on size and condition of the vehicle)

This detail package focuses on deep cleaning of the interior. Door panels, center console, steering wheel, cup holders, and dashboard are deep clean followed by a conditioner bringing back a rich natural dry to the touch finish. Seats, carpets, and floor mats get a deep shampoo cleaning using a combination of brushes, steam cleaner, and hot water extractor to lift stains deep inside the fibers leaving a clean stain free surface . in some occasions due to the nature of stains and how long they’ve sat, they won’t come off 100% but will be cleaned to the best condition possible. If your seats are leather, they will be deep clean using a soft bristle brush preventing damage to leather followed by a premium leather conditioner to bring back a soft rejuvenated leather look and feel. To wrap everything up your vehicle is finished with an odor eliminator penetrating into the carpets and air conditioning system seeking and eliminating bad odors leaving a fresh clean scent. Based on the condition and size of the vehicle this process can take 4-6 hours

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