Blue Diamond 500$

(coupes/sedans/trucks 500$) (Lrg suvs/Minivans 600-650$ price varies on vehicle condition)

This package focuses on the exterior performing everything on our Pure Sapphire package. The interior receives a deep clean on the carpets, floor mats, and seats extracting all the embedded dirt deep in the fibers to leave a clean surface as well as a clean scent. Door panels, dashboard, center console, and cup holders will receive a steam clean to properly clean and disinfect all surfaces followed by a plastic/vinyl/leather reconditioning bringing back a natural factory dark rich dry to the touch look. If you have children I understand how messy the interior can get as I have a few kids myself making a mess with drink spills, food crumbs, stains, and funny odors. Your vehicle will look, feel, and smell so clean you won’t want your kids in there again. Aside from making everything look and feel clean, we will perform our odor eliminator to make sure your vehicle smells clean.

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